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You want your abrasive material to do the heavy lifting for you, which is why you’re looking for one that can quickly cut through even the toughest substances like epoxy, powder coating, and rust. But beyond that, you need blast media that is safe for your crew and cost-effective. Now, you don’t have to choose between safety, profitability, and performance with 10x Engineered Materials.

Why Choose 10x Engineered Media?

Compared to legacy materials like glass, plastic, coal slag, and garnet, what makes 10x Engineered Media such an excellent product? Let’s consider the benefits of 10 abrasives.

10x Blast Media : Blast Tests Against Garnet

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Dry Blasting

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Wet Blasting

What Are 10x Abrasives?

10x abrasives are an innovative type of blast media in which the raw materials used to make it are from the minerals used in insulation. Byproducts are carefully extracted from the cast-off minerals and are then melted at extremely high temperatures and cooled to produce amorphous glass fibers. The result is a revolutionary type of safe, highly durable, incredibly effective blasting media.


The amorphous atom arrangement of the media provides a larger surface area than legacy media, meaning it will provide a more aggressive cut, while the strength of particles ensures they hold up against a variety of surfaces, prolonging their life and usage. 10x media gives you the results you want in a shorter amount of time.


10x abrasives are made from minerals used in the manufacture of insulation, our engineering team takes what would normally be a waste by-product, and isolates, purifies, and classifies them into premium blast media. In addition to being sustainably sourced and manufactured, it meets some of the most strict guidelines in relation to air pollution, so it’s not only better for your team, it’s better for the environment.


10x abrasive media surpass current safety standards set by both OSHA and the EPA and contain no free silica, no beryllium, and give off very little dust. Because they are engineered, they contain no crystalline structures, fracture planes, or contaminants.


Compared to mined blasting materials, 10x offers a lower operating cost. Not only does it hold up to being recycled and used repeatedly, it’s effectiveness allows your team to get the job done fast without sacrificing quality. We all know time is money, and 10x abrasives can save you both.

KinetiX 10/20

This extra coarse abrasive has an extra deep profile and the KinetiX 10/20 is ideal for removing thick or hard coatings.

KinetiX 20/40

2.5-4.0 mil
This coarse abrasive has a deep profile suitable for this or hard coatings. The KinetiX 20/40 removes corrosion, coatings, oil, dirt and grease

KinetiX 20/70

2.5-3.5 mil
This all-purpose abrasive has a medium profile and is very efficient. The KinetiX 20/70 is perfect for removing corrosion, coatings and mill scale.

KinetiX 40/70

2.0-3.0 mil
This general-purpose abrasive is ideal for medium to thick coatings. The KinetiX 40/70 is a great option for stone cutting and engraving.

EpiX EP (Enhanced Profile)

Enhanced, uniform profile for extra hard or tough coatings, including mill scale removal.

EpiX MP (Medium Profile)

Uniform, medium profile. Works on extra- hard or tough coating and removes oil dirt and grease, leaving a clean, bright SP 5 finish.

EpiX LP (Low Profile)

Minimal profile ideal for coating removal as well as weld cleaning and surface etching. Safe for stainless steel.

Uses and Applications for 10x Abrasives

10x Abrasives is an all-purpose engineered blasting media that can be used in a variety of applications, including:

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Surface Preparation

When you need to remove grease, dirt, rust, and other substances while achieving a slightly textured profile, 10x abrasives make it possible to do all your surface preparation in one single step.

Rust and Corrosion Removal

Rust and corrosion compromise the strength and structural integrity of steel and other metals, but 10x can strip away the rust oxidation, leaving behind clean, strong metal that is ready for paint or a protective coating.

Mill Scale Removal

Mill scale is detrimental for two reasons. First, it can crack along the coating of your steel and lead to pitted rust under the surface, and second, it can react with the steel itself and speed up the oxidation process. Getting rid of mill scale is a necessity and 10x abrasives can help you get the job done right.

Paint Removal

From graffiti on brick and line stripes on pavement to signs on steel, cleaning off old paint is a simple, fast project with 10x.

Powder Coating Removal

Powder coating is one of the most difficult materials to remove from steel or aluminum, but with 10x, it cuts through the coating and rapidly strips it away, leaving behind a clean, bare surface that’s ready for a new coating.

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