Custom Blast Cabinets

Rodeco can fit you with a customized blast cabinet to meet your unique needs. We offer an economical approach to specialized finishing and surface preparation. If your application is highly specialized, you can take advantage of the benefits of a Pro-Finish system. We can economically tailor a blast cabinet to meet your specific needs and reduce lead times over custom engineered purpose-built equipment.

Modified Blast Cabinets

Empire's Modified Pro-Finish® Cabinets

Pro-Finish abrasive blast systems offer the perfect mix of performance and versatility, with a layout that offers accessibility for preventative maintenance.  Our suction units can be utilized for continuous blasting and delegate parts, while our pressure units offer the power to meet your production needs.  All Pro-Finish models can be equipped with upgrades that will improve efficiency and ergonomics. 

Manual Blast Cabinets

Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets

Pro-Finish® systems offer perfect combinations of equipment performance and the versatility of modular designs. Backed by the best warranty in the industry – Three Years Limited Warrenty! With an off-the-shelf Pro-Finish cabinet, you get a tunable media reclaimer, a dust collection system, your choice of pressure or suction powered blast, and many other standard features. In addition, you can select from a wide range of in-stock factory options to meet your particular finishing requirements. If you need a powered or manual turntable, gun oscillation, additional blast guns, timer packages, special electrical, extended wear components or a vertical door, we can provide this equipment and other options without custom modifications.

Proformer™ Blast Cabinets

ProFormer™ cabinets put it all together in a single assembly that’s easy to move and simple to hook up. These cabinets require only two connections, air and electrical, and include features offered in our high-production Pro-Finish® line. Plus, they now come in two sizes: the 3642 with interior working dimensions of 36 inches deep by 42 inches wide by 48 inches high and its bigger brother, the 4652, with a working space of 46 inches by 52 inches by 48 inches.

Ergo-Blast Cabinets

If operator safety is a priority I recommend the Empire Ergo cabinet.  From a recessed front panel for extra leg room to adjustable arm rests to an adjustable platform the operator will always be positioned in optimum blast position.  

Empires Fastrip® Cabinets

Empires FaStrip Blast Cabinets are designed specifically for use with plastic media.  These units are utilized in applications that require stripping coatings from a metallic or composite surface without damaging the substrate.  FaStrip Cabinets also provide a necessary etch for superior bonding of new coatings.

Empire Econo-Finish® Blast Cabinets

Economical blast cabinets for your light to medium finishing jobs.  Empire offers (5) standard suction blast units under this line.  The Econo-Finish cabinets offer several upgrade features so you can customize your unit to your needs.  Econo-Finish simplify loading of your parts by offering a unique front-access door.

Empire Safestrip™ Blast Cabinets

SafeStrip Cabinets allow you to combine your fine media blast pots with an enclosure to contain your delicate parts blast cleaning.  SafeStrip systems allow you to remove old coatings, oil, dirt and corrosion safely and efficiently.   

Il-885 In-Line Conveyor Cabinets

The IL-885 conveyor system comes standard with 9” belt.  Parts run through the machine at rate of 1 – 30 foot per minute.   If you are looking to clean, deburr, profile, and finish with a fraction of labor compared with manual hand blasting then look to the IL-885.   

Eliminate 95% of labor costs with the IL-885.  Operator loads parts onto the belt and the parts past through the machine at a rate of 1 – 30 foot per minute.   If you have a part that is 12” x 12” that would work out 60 parts per hour at the slowest setting and 1,800 parts at the fastest setting. 

Did you know that if you have an operator that stands in front of a manual blast cabinet hand finishing parts one at a time that works out to $41,600 per year in labor costs based on $20 per hour labor rate?  

The Empire IL-885 can be loaded and unloaded by single operator in a fraction of the time. Parts will come out looking more consistent and easily justifies the capital expenditure.


Basket Blasters

An economical way to automate cleaning by batch loading your parts into a continuous basket & nozzle setup.  An unload chute minimizes part handling and improves efficiency.  We offer three models that will cater to your part capacity.

Continuous Belt Blasters

For continuous part processing there is not a more efficient means in the market. The system lends itself to larger volume runs of “like” parts. Parts can be loaded and unloaded manually, or can even be equipped with robotic arms to optimize automation. This system is designed as an integral part of the production line.

Rodeco Can Help You Decide The Right Custom Blast Cabinet & Equipment For Your Job.

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Custom Abrasive and Sand Blast Cabinets near Raleigh

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