Metal Finishing Blast Medias

Rodeco supplies a high-quality selection of blast media to suit a variety of blasting needs. Let our experts help you find the type and size blast media that’s best for your unique application. From steel shot to glass… plastic to cut wire… we have what you need for every type of surface preparation.

Multiblast Medias


Bulk Density - 140 lb/cu ft
Sizes - 24 grit - 220 grit


Main Applications


ZirGrit NZ

Spartan Abrasive

Spartan Abrasive/SpartanBlast

Main Applications



Cost effective ceramic beads with high efficiency for use in air pressure blast rooms and cabinets

Main Applications


Steel Shot / Grit

Recyclability: Exceeding the life of aluminum oxide, glass beads, mineral abrasive, garnet, or slag by up to a thousand-to-one, AMACAST can significantly reduce your raw materials and disposal costs.
Health and Environmental Impact: AMACAST is non-hazardous and contaminant free. Its use produces no free silica or its associated respiratory and environmental hazards.
Surface Finish: Whether you require a bright, metallic finish, free from staining and ferrous residue, or a specific surface profile to prepare for coating, AMACAST is the answer. Offered in five separate size ranges, AMACAST is designed to meet your specific production requirements.

Brown Aluminum Oxide

Brown-fused aluminum oxide is a tough, hard material with high strength, excellent wear, and corrosion resistant. It also displays good thermal conductivity. Brown-Fused Aluminum Oxide is an extremely aggressive and hard abrasive used primarily for blasting non-ferrous surfaces.
Primary uses are for prepping a metal surface for proper coating/paint adhesion and removal of surface contamination, rust, mill scale, and paint. Brown-Fused Aluminum Oxide’s high bulk density, hardness, and angular shape give it an aggressiveness that provides a clean, fast-cutting action, considerably increasing production rates. Brown-Fused Aluminum Oxide is most commonly used in abrasive blast cabinets and blast rooms with recovery systems.
Rodeco also offers a recycling program for larger users. Please inquire within to see if you quality.

White Aluminum Oxide

White aluminum oxide boasts an extremely high purity that makes it suitable for applications requiring minimum contamination of foreign substances and sharp free cutting abrasive characteristics. It is available in a wide range of grit sizes.

Common Applications

Glass Bead

Glass bead media is a classic in the blasting industry. Rodeco supplies a high-quality selection of glass beads to suit various blasting needs. Glass beads are manufactured from high-grade glass, contain no free silica, and are made into preformed spherical shapes. They produce a much smoother and brighter satin finish and are extremely hard, chemically inert, and environmentally friendly. It is a popular abrasive in both wet and dry blasting. Glass beads are primarily used in blasting cabinets for honing, polishing, peening, blending, finishing, removing light burrs, and cleaning more light foreign matter.

Through its ability to transfer energy, it displays 10-15 times longer lifetime compared to ceramic beads degradation mode.
  • No change in geometry and material characteristics
    • No diameter reduction (no wear)
    • No peeling layer by layer
  • Breakage in small parts, easily removed from working mix by the separation system

Black Silicon Carbide

Features: Extreme hardness and uniformity of shape, maximum resistance to breakdown, consistent, high-quality grains and versatility - offered in a wide range of grit sizes

Plastic Media

Rodeco offers an assortment of Plastic Media to meet a variety of needs:

Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Blasting media often lasts ten to twelve times longer then other abrasives. Because it lasts so long and does not break down, it is extremely cost effectuve when waste and disposal costs are included. If a contaminate has to be removed, ceramic media is the answer.

Garnet And Waterjet Garnet

Garnet abrasive is fast cutting and recyclable up to 5 times. Because of its speed, the ROI on a project can be improved by reducing the labor time. With four different types and multiple sizes, we can recommend the exact right garnet for your application.

Commonly used in:


Stainless Steel / Amacast

Stainless steel shot, while more expensive per pound, easily justifies the cost by lasting 3 to 4 times longer and eliminates any risk of iron impregnation. AMACAST can significantly reduce your raw materials and disposal costs. Whether you require a bright, metallic finish, free from staining and ferrous residue, or a specific surface profile to prepare for coating, AMACAST is the answer.


Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless steel cut wire is a must for cleaning or peening operations when ferrous contamination cannot be tolerated.
Stainless steel cut wire is produced from type 302/304 wire, and is manufactured to rigid specifications. The wire is cut to the same length as its diameter, resulting in a solid, durable piece of shot.
Stainless steel cut wire is available in either “as cut” or conditioned forms. Conditioned stainless cut wire is available in Type I, Type II, or Type III conditioned forms.
Our stainless steel cut wire meets AMS 2431 and SAE J441 specifications referencing metallurgy, shape, hardness, and size.


Zinc Cut Wire

Zinc cut wire is the abrasive of choice when damage and ferrous contamination from conventional steel abrasives are of concern. Zinc cut wire is made from 99%+ high-grade zinc wire. It is an ideal product for cleaning fixtures or stripping paint hooks. Zinc cut wire is a soft, non-ferrous abrasive that is capable of removing various coatings, removing flash from aluminum and magnesium die castings, or simply producing a bright, uniform finish on any metal.


Contractor Medias


Garnet abrasive is fast cutting and recyclable up to 5 times. Because of its speed, the ROI on a project can be improved by reducing the labor time. With four different types and multiple sizes, we can recommend the exact right garnet for your application.

Commonly used in:


Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass is made from 100% crushed post-consumer recycled glass. It is lighter in weight, it has the hardness of glass bead, and its sharp, angular grains produce a very clean bright finish. Crushed glass is environmentally responsible since it is inert and contains no heavy metals or crystalline silica. It is especially suited for preparing a variety of surfaces for painting. It is unique in its ability to economically clean aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. It is excellent for use on steel, concrete, fiberglass, wood, and stone surfaces.

Crushed glass can be used in sensitive areas and does a better job at feathering and avoiding unintended ricochet damage. Because of its light weight, cleanup is faster and disposal costs are lower.
Crushed Glass comes in two sizes:
It is packaged in 50 pound bags and 2,000 pounds to a skid

Black Beauty

Harsco is the largest U.S. manufacturer of coal slag abrasives for the surface preparation market. Our BLACK BEAUTY®; abrasives are the original, low dusting, low free silica coal slag blasting abrasives. They lead the industry for quality, value, and performance.


Used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting including removal of paint, rust, mill scale, and other coatings from surfaces. Minimum suggested nozzle size of 1/4″ and under-standard blasting conditions will achieve a 3.0-4.8 Mil profile.
Utilized for new construction, light paint and rust removal and special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles. Minimum suggested nozzle size of 3/16” and under standard blasting conditions will achieve a 2.0-3.5 Mil profile.

Applicable for light blasting requiring a clean surface and minimum anchor profile including brush-off blast or high-pressure water blast systems. Minimum suggested nozzle size of 1/8” and under-standard blasting conditions will achieve a 1.0-2.6 Mil profile.

Jet Mag

Made of synthetic olivine, JETMAG is a low cost, high performing option for blast cleaning. Mostly used in dry applications as a low cost alternative to Garnet and a less toxic replacement for slag products. They have developed an effective wetblast formula as well.

Jetmag® Profile and Main Usages

Ebony Grit – Copper Slag

Ebony Grit is a high density blasting slag made from a by-product of copper production. The hardness and high density of Ebony Grit give it a high resistance to fracture with very low dust formation during blasting, as well as faster blast-cleaning speed when compared to local slag abrasives. This abrasive is commonly used for restoration of heavily painted steel bridges, ships and water towers

#EG 14 – provides 2.8-4.0 Mil profile – All-purpose size for cleaning structural steel, bridges, tanks, ships, water towers, etc.
#EG 20 – provides 1.5-3.0 Mil profile – Utility size for the removal of light rust, paint and mill scale

Baking Soda / Armex

Soda Blasting is using baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, to blast for removal of dust, foil, paint, and to clean delicate substrates. These substrates are often limestone walls, rotating parts with bearings, fiberglass, arilox printing rolls, etc.

While the idea for ARMEX® started with just plain baking soda, as the world’s leader in bicarbonate technology, ARM & HAMMER®, formulated more than a dozen unique media to specially meet industry surface preparation requirements.
ARMEX® Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems have become an effective, economical, and environmentally superior method for cleaning, de-painting, and degreasing across the country and around the world.


Corncob grit is the most accurately-screened and air-washed media in the marketplace. It has been the highest-quality media and the best in its class for over 50 years.

Corncob is both an absorbent and an abrasive!

Holdtight® 102

This wet blasting additive prevents flash rusting of iron and steel surfaces and of dry blasted surfaces in a pressurized wash down. Holdtight 102 is designed to exceed marine, offshore, industrial, and infrastructure application standards. No rust. No salt. One step.

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