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Industrial finishing equipment, supplies & services that meet your unique needs. Rodeco’s blasting equipment and supplies will help get you that perfect finish. We focus on the industries listed below:

Medical Devices

More Details on Finishing Equipment, Supplies & Services

Finishing Equipment - We offer many tools such as vibratory equipment, blast rooms & blast cabinets just to name a few. Ask us any questions, we have the know-how to help you select the proper system. Finishing Supplies - We have a large stock of blast medias, vibratory medias, vibratory wash & finishing compounds, as well as parts. Become a preferred partner and we’ll hold an inventory of what you need for supplies for faster shipping.    Finishing Services - Our skilled team can help with your quality control and production needs with services like vibratory mass finishing, industrial parts washing, abrasive blast cleaning and more!

We Serve Many Different Industries

Metal finishing equipment, supplies and services are necessary for multiple industries and applications - we are your go-to partner to meet the demands of your industry! With so many variables, you’ll want to trust a renowned company who has your best interest in mind. We’ll help you see the results you want while considering your business’ budget and goals. Check out come of the industries we specialize in:


Ensuring your automotive parts are finished correctly and made to specification helps to create a product with quality that is undeniable and reliably functional. We’ve got the right equipment to meet your requirements and if you’re unsure of what you need, we have plenty of industry experience to help you. Learn more about Automotive Sandblasting


Precision is very important within the firearms industry. You’ll be happy with the results of our addition to your process, because we only supply high-grade equipment. We are experts in this field and can also help with finishing services.


Our equipment and supplies can assist with a wide array of your coating processes. Whether you’re painting or finishing a new product, Rodeco can provide what you need.


There are many different applications within the aerospace industry… quite a big variety of both small and large parts that need to be treated properly! We can provide the right equipment and supplies so that your aerospace applications will be a resounding success. Learn more about Aerospace Sandblasting


Make sure your heavy equipment is ready to perform and last longer through its environment, indoors or outdoors. Fantastic results start with fantastic products and service.


Medical tools and devices must meet strict regulations and standards so they can work safely & effectively. You can ensure marks are met when you work with Rodeco. We understand finishing equipment, supplies and services for medical devices inside and out.

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