The Information you need to be a safe and productive Sandblaster

Glass Bead vs Ceramic Bead Sandblasting

Glass Bead Blasting v. Ceramic Bead Blasting–Which One is Right For Your Needs?

Glass Bead vs Ceramic Bead Blasting, which abrasive should you choose? When you need an abrasive for your next blasting project, you have several options. Two of the most common abrasives are glass beads and ceramic beads. Unlike sandblasting, blasting with the use of glass or ceramic beads is a slower, gentler and safer process that produces a more polished

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Garnet vs 10x Engineered Materials

5 Tips To Improve Your Vibratory Finishing Process

Are you getting all of the benefits from your vibratory finishing process? When executed well, vibratory finishing reduces your labor and provides a clean, consistent finish on your components every time. In other words, after loading your components and media into the container, you should be able to walk away while the vibratory finisher does all of the work. If

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Outsource your metal finishing

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Metal Finishing Process to Rodeco

Sometimes it makes sense to house your metal finishing process within your operation. Sometimes, it makes sense to outsource it to trusted specialists. If you’re looking to save time, money, and hassle, you might want to look into your options for metal finishing process outsourcing. A top outsourcing option, Rodeco’s job shop has provided unsurpassed excellence to manufacturing facilities for

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Powder Coat Removal Garnet vs 10x abrasive media

Powder Coat Removal Test | Garnet vs 10x Engineered Materials

Powder Coat Removal, which abrasive is better suited for the job? In our quest to determine the best abrasive blasting media, we decided to start doing side-by-side tests in order to get a more accurate look at performance. We chose two popular contractor medias – Garnet and the new 10x Engineered Materials (10x for short) and got some surprising results. 

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