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Used Finishing Equipment

Rodeco is your trusted supplier of quality, reliable, tested used finishing equipment, as well as other used metal finishing & coating equipment. We offer:

  • Used Robotic & Automated Air Finishing Equipment
  • Used Vibratory Equipment
  • Used Dust Collection Equipment
  • And More

Affordable & Reliable Used Finsihing Equipment

When you need an even more affordable option for enhancing your metal finishing goals, used finishing equipment is the answer. We have high standards to ensure all used finishing equipment is working properly. We rigorously test components and overall function to verify all is in working order. You can rest assured your equipment and tools will be in pristine working condition to help your applications achieve the results you are looking for.

The Right Tools For Your Needs

Our knowledgeable team is happy to help with every step of the used equipment selection process. Our goal is to find the right solution for your unique applications. We want to be your trusted partner and we have the skills and years of experience to bring you a truly beneficial partnership...part of that includes assisting you in finding the used system with your budget and process efficiency in mind. Check out our wide selection of used finishing equipment & other used equipment below.


CLM VTG-3816

This programmable, indexing turntable machine reduces per-unit cleaning costs on piston rebuilds by over 30 percent compared to previous methods.

By coordinating the movements of 16 blast guns, oscillating vertically and horizontally, with spinning work stations on a rotating platform, the system ensures thorough coverage and fast cleaning in a single pass.

Eight guns oscillating vertically clean the sides and skirts of the pistons. The guns sweeping horizontally clean tops and interiors.

Learn more about the CLM VTG - 3816 or Call 800-849-0871


EM-2 Dust Collector

Turntable and in-line machines for continuous processing. These systems can be loaded and unloaded manually, equipped with robotic arms or designed as an integral part of the production line.

Our continuous turntable machines come in four standard models with table diameters ranging from 36 inches up to 108 inches. Larger units are available with two rotary blast heads. The heads can be oriented to perform separate functions, such as blasting the interior and exterior of parts at the same time. Standard features include a rubber cabinet lining and a urethane coating on the turntable for extended service life.

Learn more about the EM-2 Dust Collector or Call 800-849-0871


Empire IL-885 

Single-station cell machines serve as just one example of how we meet the ever-changing demands of manufacturers worldwide. Our cell machines reduce inventory requirements and conserve floor space, giving many customers the winning edge in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Learn more about the Empire IL-885 or Call 800-849-0871



Sweeco FM-10

Rotary blast head delivers tremendous coverage while conserving compressed air. When the application calls for it, our rotary head will outperform any horizontal-nozzle oscillator, including our own, by reducing the number of blast guns and energy required for the job. Our rotary heads contribute to the outstanding performance of our in-line conveyor, continuous turntable and batch turntable machines.

Learn more about the SWEECO FM-10 or Call 800-849-0871



Air-blast peening systems with advanced computer-control, blast-coverage and material-handling features that not only increase productivity, but also assure repeatability—a major concern in these quality-intensive applications affecting
the structural integrity of critical components.

Learn more about the Washer or Call 800-849-0871

Order Your Used Finishing Equipment

Our Experienced Specialists Are Qualified To Help You Find The Proper Used Finishing Equipment For Your Operation. Rely On Us For Used Equipment That Truly Delivers.  Call our experts today at 800-849-0871 to learn about our available used finishing equipment. If you have questions, we have a wealth of knowledge. Bettering your process is our goal!




From helmets and suits, to carbon monoxide filters and breathing air testing, Rodeco is a stocking distributor of safety equipment from RPB and others. The professionals at Rodeco know the best safety equipment and measures to meet your unique needs. We also offer consulting and training on how to use the equipment to keep your operators safe on the job.


When your blast equipment goes down, you don’t need to wait! Rodeco troubleshoots your equipment and can ship parts out to you the same day. For customers in the Carolinas, we offer a mobile parts delivery service as well. From nozzles and couplings, to hoses and grit valves, Rodeco is your source for parts from major blast manufacturers like Empire, Clemco, Schmidt and more.

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