Metal finishing supplier that keeps you running with customized blasting, vibratory and parts washing consumables. Choose from our long list of metal finishing products such as: Vibratory medias, part washing compounds, and sandblasting media. Select a category below and take a look. 

Our experts ensure that you get the exact right product for your needs—and we guarantee our customized supply solutions will keep your equipment and processes running. But we won’t stop there… count on us to continuously provide you with the media you require.
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Managing Your Inventory For When You Need It Most

When you become a preferred partner with Rodeco, your stock is inventoried and held with us. And when you need more, we guarantee same-day shipping!

Same-Day Shipping Of Operator Safety Equipment And Blast Parts

Rodeco stocks helmets and suits, carbon monoxide filters and other safety equipment from RPB and others. The professionals at Rodeco Blast Solutions offer the best safety equipment to meet your needs, as well as consulting and training on how to keep your operators safe on the job.

Partner With Rodeco And Never Worry Again About Running Out Of Supplies.

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