Empire Engineered Field-Erected Blast Booths

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When it comes to Choosing a Blast room Rather it be blasting for Powder coating applications or Blast rooms for paint and industrial fabrication , Empire’s Engineered  blast rooms offer a great solution for  Blast booth custom options  that can be tailored to fit your production needs.

Empires Engineered blast booths offer # 10 gauge steel  wall/ceiling panels, LED lighting and all components (Booth, ventilation, Pneumatic  Blast and reclaim Systems and dust collection. Empire has almost no limits when it comes to large scale blast room designs and custom blast room options such as rail and crane slots, turntables, entry doors and media recovery options including cross screw augers  pneumatic sweep chutes and blast room bucket elevators

Empires Engineerd blast rooms are Rodeco’s source when it comes to turnkey custom blast room installations anywhere in the united states.

When buying and installing blast room options Rodeco Stands behind each and every blast room component with our service guarantee programs and abrasive blasting blast room tech support and Empire OEM blast parts in stock.