Empire Pre-Engineered Blast Booth (PEB)

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When it comes to Choosing a Blast room Rather it be blasting for Powder coating applications or Blast rooms for paint and fabrication , Empire’s PEB (Pre-engineered blast booth) offers a great solution for an onsite constructed Blast booth.

Empires PEB blast booths offer # 14 gauge steel wall/ceiling panels, LED lighting and all components (Booth, ventilation, Pneumatic Blast and reclaim Systems and dust collection.

Empires PEB blast rooms are Rodeco’s source when it comes to turnkey blast room installations anywhere in the united states.

When buying and installing blast room options Rodeco Stands behind each and every blastroom component with our service guarantee programs and abrasive blasting blast room tech support and Empire OEM blast parts in stock.

Long Radius finisher – Vibratory Deburring & Burnishing Equipment by Vibe Tech. Longer working channels with a larger bowl diameter and a decreasing channel width. Our long radius finishing machines provide a very aggressive action due to an expanded center column that allows for a longer lever arm. This style of finishing machine was specifically designed for steel ball burnishing and continuous operations. Because of their heavy-duty welded construction and proven, oil lubricated drive system, Vibe Tech’s long radius finishing machines are engineered for lasting, long-term performance. Capable of continuous operations ranging from two minutes to fourteen minutes, these machines can be built with custom control panels and tailored to suit your specific application.