Vibe Tech – Vibratory Tub Finishing

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Vibratory Tub finishers (trough vibrators) – Vibratory Deburring & Burnishing equipment by Vibe Tech.  Versatile finishing machines for medium to large parts. What that means is, for their capacity, tub finishers provide the maximum channel width. Because of the channel width, the machine allows parts to be easily segregated with customizable, removable compartment dividers. The heavy-duty, interlocking structural design of our tub finishers feature a U-shape design.  Also, it is lined with a premium polyurethane lining that is then mounted onto coated coil springs. The drive consists of a premium efficiency motor that powers an offset drive shaft with adjustable weights. Operators can adjust these weights to increase or decrease the aggression of the machine. In combination with the tub finisher’s customizable compartment dividers, this feature ensures a precise surface finish and batch integrity.