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Series 2747 siatur The New Silicon Carbide Abrasives

Designed for hand or robot grinding, 2747 siatur—with its new tear-resistant cotton backing—withstands the toughest wear and conforms to the smallest contour.

The first step to savings is to contact us to set up a review and testing. Let sia (the 3rd largest coated abrasive manufacture worldwide) show you the return on investment you can expect to gain.


Siafleece Nonwoven Abrasives

Non-woven abrasive products incorporate high-quality fibers with flexible resin technology. Combined with a high mineral grain content, the siafleece range has the flexibility and conformability needed to produce a consistent finish on any work piece.

Suitable for hand, low speed, and low pressure applications, siafleece offers quality micro scratch finishes especially on metal but also on plastic coatings and composites with a consistent, controlled cutting action.

Nonwoven abrasives are excellent for surface preparation, cleaning, and structuring, primarily for use on metal.


Siastrip Discs

 SIA Fibral can now offer you two types of siastrip discs: we have the siastrip and the siastrip plus. These products are designed for cleaning and stripping the work piece without excessive stock removal, thus leaving a clean, manageable surface to work on. The open structure of our siastrip products make them ideal for many applications and assist in their resistance to loading. These products also feature precision cutting discs for optimum cutting performance and efficient grinding discs for a wide variety of metalworking applications.


Surface Conditioning Material (SCM)

Our Surface Conditioning Materials (SCM) have been designed for machine operation in either disc or belt format.

Sia Fibral Surface Conditioning Material will:

  • Remove Surface Imperfections
  • Generate the Required Finish in One Operation
  • Produce Clean, Smooth, Burr-Free Surfaces
  • Refine Grind Lines in Fewer Steps than Coated Abrasives
  • Provide a Unique Combination of Aggression, Finish, and Life
  • Give a Consistent, Repeatable Finish
  • Replace Traditionally-Used Products, Such as Coated Abrasives and Wire brushes


Siasphere Abrasives

Siasphere – Demanding Processes Call for Innovative Products Whether medical implants or turbine components, the new siasphere abrasive will enable metal surfaces to be treated even more efficiently, cost-effectively, and above all, with consistent quality in the future. This is made possible by its unique structure.


Series 2891 Sianox High-Performance Flap Discs for High-Alloy Steel

Sianox – High-Performance Flap Discs for High-Alloy Steel These flap discs impresses with an optimized abrasive backing and a very powerful zirconia alumina. Together with a more efficient cooling effect, the 2891 siainox is a specialist for high-alloy steel.


Series 4515 Siabite New Ceramic Fibre Discs

4515 siabite – Our New Ceramic Fiber Disc Stainless Steel (INOX) is Becoming Ever More Popular! The latest development from sia Abrasives is our new ceramic fibrer disc 4515 siabite. This aggressive and longer-lasting fiber disc is suited for heavy-duty grinding on stainless steel and other exotic alloys.


Series 6260 Ultradisc Abrasives

6260 ultradisc – the Quickest Route to the Perfect Finish Our high-quality, user-friendly ultradisc offers you an ideal finishing solution. Its fast and consistent performance ensures that you achieve the best finish in the fastest time.


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