Vibratory Finishing Compounds

High-end cleaning and vibratory finishing compounds for all your parts washing, degreasing or finishing needs, provided by Rodeco. You can depend on Rodeco to have the exact solution. Each project, part/process has a different finishing need depending on their requirements, so contact us today for the right fit. 


Do you need a smooth, highly polished surface on metal?
Are you fighting corrosion or trying to texturize surfaces to eliminate visual defects?
Do you need to use an accelerated super vibratory finishing process to improve surface finishes and workpiece geometry?
Precision and general parts cleaning is of central importance in manufacturing to ensure cost-effective operations with minimized health and environmental risks. Our experienced team can suggest the right equipment, what compounds to use and how to adapt more efficient finishing processes into your routine.

Vibratory Finishing Compounds

Rodeco 103 Powdered alkaline deburring compound containing aluminum oxide and surfactants. The pH is 12. Powdered alkaline deburring compound containing aluminum oxide abrasives in the range of 120 grit, biodegradable surfactants and alkaline builders.
Rodeco 307 Powdered alkaline degreasing, cleaning, descaling compound. Excellent cleaning characteristics with in process rust inhibitors. The pH is 12.5.
Rodeco 211 Liquid, mild alkaline cleaning compound with burnishing capabilities. Excellent for use with plastic media because of particle suspension and wetting agents. Good burnisher on non-ferrous parts with ceramic media. The pH is 9.
Rodeco 320 Liquid alkaline degreaser and cleaner with excellent degreasing characteristics. The strongest oil remover in the line. Contains in-process rust inhibitors. The pH is 11.5.
Rodeco 551 Liquid, mildly acidic burnisher especially well suited for aluminum parts. When used with steel media, it contains inhibitors to prevent rust during short term shut downs. The pH is 4.5
Rodeco 553 Liquid, mildly acidic burnisher with good cleaning characteristics. Effective in steel media applications when parts may not be perfectly clean. Contains steel media corrosion inhibitors. The pH is 4.6
Rodeco 620 Liquid alkaline cleaner excellent for flow through operations. Keeps media clean and contains in-process rust inhibitors. The pH is 11.
Rodeco 842 Liquid steel media rust inhibitor which can also be used as a post-process rust inhibitor on ferrous parts. See product sheet for proper application techniques. The pH is 10.5.
Rodeco 4677 Liquid, mildly acidic burnisher with a higher percentage of chemical bleaching agents for brighter finishes on copper and brass. Contains steel media corrosion inhibitors. The pH is 4.4.
LB-892 LB-892 is a mildly-acidic burnishing compound for use on ferrous and most non-ferrous metals. LB-892 is an excellent burnishing compound with good lubricity, controllable foam, and light cleaning ability. LB-892 yields exceptionally high color and luster in ball-burnishing operations. When used with steel media in burnishing operations, the media obtains and retains maximum brightness. While primarily a steel media burnishing compound, LB-892 can also be used with ceramic and natural media. Steel media and parts should be inhibited to prevent corrosion.
L-55R L-55R is an economical cleaning and deburring compound for ferrous and non-ferrous metals with added rust inhibitors. It is effective in removing oils and particulate and keeping media clean, thus optimizing its efficiency in the finishing process. This product has excellent detergent, dispersion, and inhibiting properties.
LB-189a LB-189a is a liquid burnishing compound with a neutral pH. It is biodegradable and does not contain any hazardous ingredients. This product is formulated for use on all ferrous metals and many nonferrous applications. Although this is a mild product, it works well under a wide range of conditions and can withstand moderate soil loads. Unique lubricity characteristics allow for fast surface improvement while attaining excellent color and reflective qualities. It also provides superb interim process corrosion protection for ferrous metals including low carbon steel, cast iron and sintered metals.

Industrial Parts Wash Compounds

Parts Washing Liquids

Item # Metal Safety pH @ 1 % Solution Applications Temperature Range Appearance
L-590 Ferrous 12.6 Automated Cleaning 120 to 170 ºF White Clear
T-230 Brass 10 Spray + Ultrasonic 120 to 170 ºF Clear Colorless

Rust Inhibitors Rinse Aids and Defoamers

Item # Metal Safety pH @ 1 % Solution Applications Temperature Range Appearance
50-R Ferrous & Non-ferrous 9 Blue Liquid Negligible Very low
D-10 All Metals 7 Clear Liquid Mild N/A

Whether you need degreasing, to suspend solids, provide rust protection or hit high cleanliness specs, Rodeco can help you find the best industrial vibratory finishing wash compound for your process.

If you need help deciding which vibratory finishing compound is right for you just call us today at 📞 800-849-0871.