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Rodeco can fit you for the right piece of industrial parts washing equipment to keep up with your needs and increase production demands without increasing your labor force… so you can focus more resources on quality control. Connect with one of our professionals to find the right equipment for your industrial parts washing specifications.

Industrial Parts Washing Equipment And Machines

Rotary Drum Washer / Dryer

For smaller parts that need to be aqueous washed or dried, rotary drum style washer / dryers are an ideal solution. As small parts have a tendency to get jammed in standard belt washers and rotary washers feature a drum whose only openings are a series of small perforations, parts are effectively processed without becoming trapped. Parts are loaded into the drum’s opening and, as the drum rotates, a series of flights push the parts through the machine. By allowing for different drum lengths and diameters, VibeTech’s rotary drums allow you to tailor your process times and variations. Included standard with every rotary drum washer / dryer are control panels, heat controls, variable speed drives, high quality load runners, drip pan, fork pockets, an insulated hood assembly and a stainless steel drum and auger. Beyond that, many options are available to customize your washer’s process and materials.

Belt Conveyor Washer / Dryer

VibeTech belt-conveyor aqueous parts washers are ideal for cleaning parts automatically in a continuous process. A wide variety of stage configurations are possible, with the available stages being wash, rinse, blow-off and dry. A range of belt widths, from 12 inches to 36 inches, are possible so that you can select a width that best meets the requirement of your application. VibeTech is also capable of customizing your belt conveyor parts washer by adding any of a number of pre-engineered options, meaning we can build the machine to your specifications and in a way that its performance meets – or exceeds – your expectations.

Rotary Table

The large open cavity of the 4848 is allows for large parts or a large number of smaller parts. The wrap around door gives good access from overhead lifting devices for heavy loads. The unit can be customized for the a particular job including manifold configuration, heat source, pumps or special fixtures.

Chain Mesh Belt Wash

Highly flexible flow through aqueous parts washer for cleaning larger volumes of small parts. Standard models are available, but most are highly customized to match the application. These part washing units come with many available options.

Agitating Tank

One of the most versatile aqueous wash systems that can be used for large or small parts in mild to heavy duty cleaning. Designed 40 years ago for engine block and head cleaning it has become a unit well suited for all industrial markets where immersion cleaning us preferred. These agitating tanks can be customized to receive air agitation in addition to the standard agitation equipment, canister filtration or other special features.

Monorail Washer

In line cleaning with your manufacturing or painting line is highly cost effective and Viking’s line of pass through systems can be custom engineered to production requirements. Most pass though wash units are custom in size and features and can be optioned with phosphatizing, rinsing, and drying systems.

Roller Table

The RTW aqueous wash system is traditionally for large and heavy parts that can be conveyed well on a roller type conveyor. The rollers give better access to the parts to be cleaned than the mesh belt. This parts washing system can be customized to your application.

Tumble Wash

Tumble parts washers are highly versatile for small parts to be cleaned in batches. Totes are the typical feed or receiving method, but conveyor load and take away is also possible.

Hand Cabinet

This small parts washer is ideal for intricate or hand held parts. High pressure, heated water with a hand directed gun allows for cleaning of almost anything that will fit inside this cabinet

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