Vibratory Media

Whether you are removing large burrs or achieving fine RA finishes we can help you find the right vibratory media for your applications. 

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Ceramic Media

Without the right vibratory media for your needs, it will reduce the value you could have. A tier 1 automotive drive line parts manufacturer was using 12,000 pounds per year of media that cost $.35 per pound. After a month of testing and approvals, this manufacturer changed to a medium-cut triangle media that cost $.82 per pound. the savings come from the fact that they only needed to purchase 1,500 pounds to 2,000 pounds per year, about $3000 per year savings. Additionally, they saved $10,000 on wet media sludge disposal per year. Ceramic vibratory media is group into 4 major groups of cutting speed, 8 different shapes, and 10 different sizes. Rodeco can help determine if ceramic vibratory media best for your application.


When short time cycles and equipment capacity are the main criteria, fast-cut ceramic media can do the heavy lifting. With six different bonds, each has their own dominant features:

The new 120 C and GC Bonds are at the top in terms of density at 125 pounds per cubic foot. This shortens time cycles and reduces overall costs. Both media are non stock, so custom sizes are available.

Medium Cutting

Medium cutting media gives some of both worlds: brightness and cut. The C Bond has been the industry standard for many years. The ECH Bond provides performance at an economical price. The 30 Bond provides a smoother finish by using a finer-grain abrasive. All are in the 90 to 95 pound per cubic foot range.


The F Bond and 20 Bond of ceramic media offer light coloring, excellent color and brightness, and light deburring to parts. They hold their shape and are long lasting.


These are very hard, abrasive-free bonds of media that are used primarily to maximize the brightness of parts. Other applications include working well with chemical accelerators or as a carrier of loose abrasive compounds. The F Bond and 20 Bond of ceramic media offer light cutting and excellent color and brightness.

Vibratory Plastic Media

High-Density Plastic Vibratory Media

A completely new and improved line of fast-cutting polyester media, designed and formulated to provide a wider range of surface finishes. It contains agents that improve overall performance considerably which are technically superior to standard resin bonded media and urea formaldehyde media. Our new and improved media also has an average bulk density of 100 pounds per cubic foot. This represents over 35% higher density than standard plastic media and 20% higher density than most ceramic media. It has been designed to reduce standard plastic media process time by 50% while improving surface finish without additional cost. It will also cut as fast as most ceramic media while producing a superior surface without hardening the metal surface. When used with proper water and compound flow rate, our new and improved vibratory media reduces foaming and allows faster settlement of solids. It will produce a clean surface finish on ferrous, non-ferrous, or plastic components, and it will not fragment.

Bond Description Approximate Weight Color
HD1 Designed to greatly reduce cycle times while producing a superlative pre-plate finish and a very low R.M.S. surface finish. An extremely clean media during and after processing. Formulated for fine finishing of all ferrous, and plastic components. 95 pounds per cubic foot Light Red
HD2 Designed for low Ra finishing, especially aerospace turbine and compressor blades. This media is very clean in process and can be used on all metals and plastic components. 95 pounds per cubic foot Ivory
HD3 Designed for use on components such as stainless steel, forgings, and titanium. It is also suitable for use on most base metals, plastics, and produces a very low R.M.S. finish. 100 pounds per cubic foot Light Blue
HD4 Designed as an extremely fast-cutting media suitable for all materials. It produces low R.M.S. surface and superior pre-plate finishes. It contains NO ALUMINUM OXIDE and should be used when the wear rate is not a prime factor. 100 pounds per cubic foot Light Grey

Low-Density Plastic Vibratory Media

Don’t waste your media or your money. Contact Rodeco to get the exact right media and process to maximize your return on investment. Our plastic vibratory media is manufactured to our own custom-formulated specifications and contains only the finest raw materials available. Low-density media is used within the metal industry for surface preparation and improvement of most metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, and plastic. Low-density media will reduce distortion, impingement, and burr roll over while producing excellent finishes prior to plating or painting. Fine finishes as well as aggressive cutting can be achieved.

Bond Description Approximate Weight Color
LD-1 An extremely long-wearing media specifically formulated for fine finishing of non-ferrous metals. This media will provide excellent pre-plate surfaces on zinc and aluminum parts. 60 lbs. per cubic foot White
LD-2 A lightweight, long-wearing media. Excellent for pre-plate finishing. Produces very low micro-inch surfaces on most metals. 65 lbs. per cubic foot Beige
LD-3 A light to medium cutting media. Provides excellent pre-paint finishes on plastic and achieves good pre-plate finishes on most metals. 65 lbs. per cubic foot Beige
LD-4 An all around general purpose media with good cutting and wear rate qualities. This media contains fine abrasives to allow faster cutting time cycles while still maintaining a high finish standard. For use on ferrous and non-ferrous components. 65 lbs. per cubic foot Red
LD-5 A blend of coarser abrasives to provide faster burr removal while maintaining a good finish and reasonable wear rate. For use on most metals. 65 lbs. per cubic foot Blue
LD-6 A fast-cutting media containing aluminum oxide abrasive. To be used where heavy cut-down and surface blending is required but higher wear rate is not a factor. 75 lbs. per cubic foot Brown
LD-7 A fast-cutting media composed of a blend of coarser abrasives. To be used for rapid cut down whe aluminum oxide impregnation cannot be tolerated and a fine surface finish is not required. 70 lbs. per cubic foot Black

Steel Media

Steel media has strengths and limitations. It is a non-abrasive media that maintains its dimensions and minimizes solids in the waste water. Its best applications include:


Patented abrasive surface puts teeth into finishing for fast, heavy deburring, burnishing, and material removal. Available in three standard sizes.


Item # Item Name Standard Size Shape
Eclipse-3/32 to 3/16 Eclipse – Ball 3/32 to 3/16 in. Ball
Abco Abco – Ball N/A Ball


This design combines the burnishing abilities of balls and cones into one scientifically-proportioned shape.

Item # Order Size Length (A) Diameter (B) Shape
Ballcone-1/8 1/8 in 0.125 in 0.170 in Ballcone
Ballcone-5/32 5/32 in 0.215 in 0.270 in Ballcone
Ballcone-3/16 3/16 in 0.270 in 0.300 in Ballcone
Ballcone-1/4 1/4 in 0.320 in 0.400 in Ballcone
Ballcone-5/16 5/16 in 0.375 in 0.465 in Ballcone


Center flange and tapered crowns provide contact angles and on curved surfaces. Small sizes are ideal for ornamental designs.

Item # Order Size Length (A) Diameter (B) Shape
Cones-3/16 3/16 in 0.155 in 0.200 in Cone
Cones-5/16 5/16 in 0.265 in 0.315 in Cone
Cones-1/2 1/2 in 0.470 in 0.535 in Cone


Tapering to pointed ends, pins reach into recesses and grooves, deflash throughholes, and clean threaded areas.

Item # Item Name Dimension Shape Types
SlimPin-3/64 x 1/2 Slim (S) – Pin 3/64 x 1/2 in Pin Slim
SlimPin-1/16 x 9/32 Slim (S) – Pin 1/16 x 9/32 in Pin Slim
SlimPin-1/16 x 1/2 Slim (S) – Pin 1/16 x 1/2 in Pin Slim
TaperPin-3/32 x 3/8 Taper (T) – Pin 3/32 x 3/8 in Pin Taper
TaperPin-1/8 x 3/8 Taper (T) – Pin 1/8 x 3/8 in Pin Taper
TaperPin-1/8 x 1/2 Taper (T) – Pin 1/8 x 1/2 in Pin Taper
TaperPin-5/32 x 1/2 Taper (T) – Pin 5/32 x 1/2 in Pin Taper

Improve Your Vibratory Finishing & Deburring Process With Our Vibratory Finishing Media.

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