Powdered Deburring Compound-103

Rodeco 103

Powdered alkaline deburring compound containing aluminum oxide and surfactants. The pH is 12.

Description: Powdered alkaline deburring compound containing aluminum oxide abrasives in the range of 120 grit, biodegradable surfactants and alkaline builders. The pH is 12.

Application: RODECO 103 is designed for use in vibratory & tumble finishing processes. The medium sized aluminum oxide abrasive is good for tough deburring and surface finishing applications. It is especially free rinsing which aids in shortening the process.


  • Fast cutting aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Removes large burrs or rough scales
  • Improves surface RMS
  • Excellent for part-on-part deburring of ferrous metals
  • Biodegradable
  • Very free rinsing to reduce total cycle time

Recommended Dilution: In a closed system, 8 to 6 ounces per gallon of water should be used. Higher concentrations should be used for larger burrs or tougher scales. A thorough rinsing is recommended after the abrasive cycle. Parts should be free of oils before using Rodeco 103.

Disposal: RODECO 103 is biodegradable and contains no critical materials. A settling tank may be used to settle out any abrasives or metal particles that may come from the parts being processed. Please consult your local or state EPA departments to determine the correct disposal method of used finishing fluids.