Steel Media Inhibitor Compound 842

Steel Media Inhibitor Compound 842

Liquid steel media rust inhibitor which can also be used as a post-process rust inhibitor on ferrous parts. See product sheet for proper application techniques. The pH is 10.5.

General – Rodeco 842 Compound is a low viscosity liquid blend of surfactants and corrosion
inhibiting agents for maintenance of steel media during vibratory finishing process downtimes.

pH – This product has a pH of 10-11 in its concentrate form.

Color – 842 is a natural, water-white color.

Foam – This is a product with exceptionally low foam levels.

Steel Media Maintenance – 842 will satisfactorily maintain steel media during downtimes
such as overnight or weekend periods. The amount of 842 to use depends on the size of the steel
shapes in the mass …. smaller shapes have more surface are per volume of steel mass and
therefore need more 842 for coverage.

Most vibratory machines have a trough in the bottom of the bowl which does not drain free of
solution during downtimes. It is for this reason that standard mild-acid burnishers, even those
that have little corrosion difficulty in production, will produce a small amount of heavily corroded
steel after downtimes. The trough in the bowl entraps some of the acidic solution, causes what is
known as oxygen concentration zones, and really goes after the steel. 842 is designed to displace
the corrosive solution and prevent attack on the steel.

842 is applied full strength to the mass after the last process load is discharged, and the vibratory
machine has set for a short period for full drainage of the process compound. When solution is
no longer flowing out of the machine, start the machine with the compound header and solution
flow OFF, and pour the 842 concentrate directly onto the turning mass of steel media. Pour slowly
so as to assure complete blending and coating of the steel shapes. Let the mass churn for a few
minutes and the shut the vibratory machine down for the intended period.

Start-up for the first shift after the long downtime merely requires a short water rinse, drain, and
commencement with the normal process cycle. 842, unlike many inhibitor compounds in the
industry, does not react with acidic burnishers to form black grease.

Usage – Most steel masses used in industry will need from 1/8 to 1/2 gallon of 842 per cubic
foot of steel mass, depending on the size of the steel shapes. Shapes under 3/16″ in size should
require the higher concentrations of 842.

For Spray Or Dip Application – Since water soluble rust inhibitors provide limited inhibition
on steel parts that are dependent on atmospheric conditions, we cannot guarantee rust inhibition
durations. Concentrations of 10% to 20% are suggested depending on types of metal and
atmospheric conditions.